Definition of Yoga

Julie Currier

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  Definition of Yoga 

 The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, yuj, which means to join, bring together, implying movement. However, not all movement is Yoga e.g. you can arrive at a destination without remembering the journey you have made, you have moved from one place to another, however, this is not Yoga.

Yoga is experienced when the body and mind connect with each other, join together and it is then movement has occurred, the journey to the Self (Atman) has begun. For example, sitting quite and still during meditation practise requires non movement: one sits, breathes, is open and is still. Where is the movement?


Movement occurs when the mind connects with the body, attention drawn within, awareness brought to the sensations of sitting for example, awareness of breathing, awareness of listening and awareness of thinking. The physicality of movement insofar as distance has not happened, however movement through attention to a particular sensation has occurred; the mind has drawn closer to the sensations of the body in stead of it scattered to events of the day or drifting to thoughts of the past or future. Movement has occurred a journey to the true 'Self' has begun. 

 "By putting out positive thoughts, and correcting your mistakes, you can heal your problems... bring out the nice things, the good qualities in you, the positive side in you , and the negative will get cured by itself. Self-healing should be that way.   "  Swamaji Satchitananda