Yoga promotes

Julie Currier

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'Humour helps people move from fragmentation to wholeness too.  It lightens the mind and makes it easier to guide and focus.  A stable mind is like the hub of a wheel.  The world may spin around you, but the mind is steady.'                    B.K.S. Iyengar



Yoga promotes good health through:

  •  safe postures (asanas)
  •  techniques which encourage concentration (dhrana)
  •  relaxation (yoga nidra)
  •  meditation (dhyana)
  •  awareness to the present and focusing within (pratyahara)
  •  knowledge of the capabilities of the body and mind
  •  effective and safe breathing practices (pranayama)
  •  maintaining a certain set of values in dealing with others (yama)
  •  maintainting certain dicipline in ones own life (niyama)
  •  release and freedom from constraints of the mind and ego (samadhi)


'Let a man be moderate in his eating and his recreation, moderately active, moderate in his sleep and in his wakefulness. He will find that yoga takes away his unhappiness. To achieve this certainly is to know real meaning of the word yoga. It is breaking of contact with pain. ' Bhagavad Gita.


Om, Aum