Julie Currier

Julie Currier

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   As a qualified nurse, midwife, health visitor and Yoga teacher, Julie has considerable knowledge of anatomy, physiology, wellbeing, postures and breathing techniques. With the additional training in Swedish Massage with advanced techniques, Onsite Massage, Aromatherapthy, Baby Massage Instructor and extensive experience as a health professional, she provides a unique teaching resource and practitioner able to deliver high value services in many settings.

Julie is caring, compassionate and patient with a good sense of humour and provides a relaxing and informative Yoga environment. All abilities are welcome from beginners to those with more advanced skills or specialist needs. A safe and supportive environment is encouraged that makes the practice of asanas, relaxation, breathwork and the development of personal awareness both enjoyable and rewarding. A warm up within a session is included which adds to a fun group experience. Through observation of individual needs, postures and the pace of the sessions are varied to achieve specific results, encourage inclusion and enhance practice.

 My professional background allows me to provide advice and cater for Yoga with particular health related issues such as injuries, illness, pregnancy and after birth. Yoga for pregnancy and during the postnatal period is a great opportunity to prepare the mind as well as the body for childbirth and restore the body and mind after birth, encouraging well-being and relaxation through postures and breathing techniques.

The Spanish artist Goya once said when he was seventy eight, deaf and weak:

 'Aún aprendo...'I am still learning.'