Classes and private sessions
                                                                                                  Julie Currier

All abilities are welcome at the sessions from beginners to those with more advanced skills or specialist needs.

A safe and supportive environment is encouraged that makes the practice of postures (asanas), relaxation (yoga nidra), breath work (pranayama) and the development of personal awareness both enjoyable and rewarding. Through observation of individual needs, postures and session programmes can be varied to achieve specific results, encourage inclusion and enhance practice.

My professional background allows me to provide Hatha Yoga sessions for people with particular health needs, pregnancy and after baby is born. 

 Classes available:

 Yoga - From beginner  onwards

Every Tuesday mornings 10.30 -11.30 am

This is an active session to build strength, flexibility and stamina.  It include breathing techniques, relaxation, chanting and meditation.  Beginner are always welcome.

 Henley leisure Centre

Gillott's Lane



 Call: 01491 57909 to book a class

 Yoga - From beginners onwards.

Wednesday morning 10.00-11.15 a.m.
This is an active yoga session to build strength, flexibility and stamina. It includes breathing techniques, relaxation, chanting and mediation. Beginners always welcome.

Phyllis Court 

Senior Yoga -Wednesday morning 11.30 - 12.30 p.m.

This class is suitable for all, and as it is chair based, it is beneficial for those recovering from illness, or,  who prefer to exercise slowly and gently. All classes are adapted to respond to those who attend. Classes concentrate on building strength over time, restoring posture, developing relaxation and good breathing, improve balance, and an overall improvement of well- being and health.

Phyllis Court 



Private sessions

Please contact me to discuss availability and your requirements.

Julie Currier
07780 861 697