How long does it take to learn meditation?


Julie Currier

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How long does it take to learn to meditate ?

The Ancients said that learning to meditate took sheer concentration, plenty of patience and time before the mind became under control and a meditative state achieved.

  It is falsely assumed that meditation can be learnt within a few sessions as long as the 'right' object, incense, mantra or candle is lit. Unfortunately, many people fail or give up trying because of this ill conceived expectation.


 Mediation takes time, effort and determination. Above all, will power (Iccha Shakti) to get out of bed in the mornings or to find time in the day to meditate. Traditionally mediation is performed at sunrise, noon and sunset. This may be inconvenient , therefore find out what times work for you and begin today.

How do I begin?

'Always approach meditation as a beginner - you always are.  Each time you turn your attension away from the external stimulus to the internal world, it is new and you are renewed'. Swamaji Venkatesananda

 Find a time and place which suits you.  Choose a cushion to sit on as it prevents tension creeping into the lower back.  There is a plethora of things to 'feed' the 'iccha shakti' - your will power.  Make it personal for you e.g. light a candle, play restful music, repeat a mantra, offer a prayer, burn incense, look at a pisture, focus on a yantra, read a piece of scripture or poetry. 

'There is no way around this initial engagement of will.  We can use all that is available to feed out will: imagination, music, sacred texts, uplifting music, ect... our practice will eventually boil down to the engagement of will as it is that which gets us out of bed and onto our meditation mats each day.' Swamaji Ambikanda Saraswati