Eight limbs of Yoga 1st & 2nd

Julie Currier

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Eight limbs of Yoga

 2/29 Yoga anga anushthanad ashuddhi kshaye jnana diptir a viveka khyateh:

 Through practice of the limbs of Yoga impurity is destroyed and the light of knowledge arises which develops into an awareness which functions in the light of wisdom - taken from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

1.Yamas - maintaining a certain set of values in our dealings with others and self: non violence (ahisma) truthfulness; (satya) non- stealing; (asteya) conservation and moderation of energy (bramacharya); non possessiveness/greed (aparigraya)

 2.Niyamas - maintaining certain disciplines in one's owns life that includes: cleanliness/purity (saucha); a simple ascetic lifestyle/ contentment (santosha); self -discipline (tapas); self-study (svadhyana); self surrender to that Supreme Presence (Ishvara pranidhana)