Eight Limbs of Yoga 4th - 8th

Julie Currier

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 Eight limbs of Yoga

'Yoga is the intension of the soul to be reawakened to the voice within that keeps telling you that you are much more than you can possibly imagine. Shake off the boundaries the 'ahamkara' (socially defined persona) that others have created for you, and allow yourself to walk this path of liberation.' Swamaji Ambikananda Saraswati.


  4.Pranayama  - control of vitality through conscious breathing. The word pranayama is made up of two words, prana meaning vitality or life force and is found in all living and inanimate objects, and 'ayama' and not 'yama' (control) as one would expect. Ayama means expansion of, extension of, in this situation, it relates to the expansion of vitality taken in by the breath which can be controlled during breathing practices.

5.Pratyahara  -  withdrawal of the attention/senses from external stimulus.

6.Dharana - complete concentration on one thing.

7.Dhyana -  maintaining focused awareness, meditation.

8.Samadhi -  the state of awareness in which there is no other, only awareness exists; the experience of freedom from bondage.


"All religions are one. They teach a divine life. I respect saints and prophets of all religions. I respect all religions, all cults, all faiths and all creeds. I serve all, love all, mix with all and see the Lord in all".  Swami Sivananda