Tips before joining a session

Julie Currier

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Yoga 'good practice' tips
In preparation:
  • Wait two hours after a main meal before practicing yoga.
  • Use a Yoga mat for postures, a warm blanket or shawl for relaxation and cushion, bolster or zafu to sit on.
  • Wear comfortable and flexible clothes that allow free movement and stay in place on downward facing postures.
  • For ladies, a supporting bra or sports bra offers comfort and safe practise - under wired bras can be uncomfortable.
  • Hand or foot cream apply after yoga, to avoid slipping on the mat.
  • Remove jewellery to prevent injury.
During class:
  • Keep breathing through all stretches and postures.
  • Listen to your own body and respond - if it hurts stop!
  • Move into each posture slowly and carefully.
  • Hold each posture to your maximum comfortable position.
  • Drink small sips of water when needed.
  • Focus all attention on yourself. 
" Remember always that what you are practising is Yoga - there is no standard of measurable excellence to reach. There is only awareness to be expanded and developed."
Swami Ambikananda Saraswati
      The Traditional Yoga Association.